Best No Pull Leash for leash training puppy or dog


Overstock - Wacky Walk'r

The solution for Dogs that pull on leash.  This is our Best Rated No Pull Leash and it's guaranteed to provide you with a more comfortable walk and Less Stress on your Arm and Shoulder...
X'tension - For Retractable Leashes


X'tension - For Retractable Leashes

$13.99 - $17.99
The Wacky Walk'r X'tension is designed to turn your retractable leash into a NO PULL retractable leash.  Just attach the Xtension to the end of your current retractable or standard leash and...
Walking 2 dogs on one leash has never been easier or more tangle free - we guarantee it.


2 Dogs on 1 Leash - CRAZYcoupl'r

Do you walk two dogs on one leash?  Try our amazing CRAZYcoupl’r.  The instant solution to the problem of tangled leashes.  Our CRAZYcoupl’r will not tangle –...