Best No Pull Leash for leash training puppy or dog


Overstock - Wacky Walk'r

The solution for Dogs that pull on leash.  This is our Best Rated No Pull Leash and it's guaranteed to provide you with a more comfortable walk and Less Stress on your Arm and Shoulder...
Shorter than our Original WACKYwalk'r, the URBANwalk'r is 3' and stretches to 4.5'.  Works great on it's own and is the perfect length for 2 dogs when combined with our CRAZYcoupl'r


Overstock - Shorter No Pull Leash - Urban Walk'r

This is our Top Rated No Pull Leash for Strong Pullers, Big Breeds, and City Walking where you need to keep your dog close.  THE SOLUTION FOR DOGS THAT PULL!  Everything you love about our...
Walking 2 dogs on one leash has never been easier or more tangle free - we guarantee it.


2 Dogs on 1 Leash - CRAZYcoupl'r

$29.99 - $39.99
Do you walk two dogs on one leash?  Try our amazing CRAZYcoupl’r.  The instant solution to the problem of tangled leashes.  Our CRAZYcoupl’r will not tangle –...