Happy Howl-oween! Stay safe this year with these expert Halloween safety tips

Howl-oween Safety Tips!

Howl-oween is finally here! We understand the excitement of the season and the desire to include your beloved furry family members in the festivities. However, it's essential to ensure your dogs are safe during this spooktacular time. Here are ten expert dog safety tips for Halloween:

1. COSTUME COMFORT: If you're dressing up your pup, ensure the costume is comfortable, allowing free movement and doesn't have any small, chewable parts.

2. ID CHECK: Ensure your dog's identification tag is up-to-date with current contact information. Halloween can bring unforeseen circumstances, so it's crucial to be prepared.

3. CANDY CAUTION: Keep Halloween candies and chocolates out of reach, as they can be harmful to dogs. Store them securely and away from curious paws.

4. DECORATION DANGERS: Pay attention to decorations like fake cobwebs, wires, or string lights. Dogs might chew or ingest them, causing harm or discomfort.

5. PET-PROOF THE PUMPKINS: Avoid placing candles or lit pumpkins at ground level. Opt for battery-operated LED candles to eliminate fire hazards.

6. QUIET AND SAFE SPACE: Some dogs may find the doorbell's frequent ringing distressing. Consider providing a quiet, safe room for them during peak trick-or-treating hours.

7. GLOW STICK CAUTION: Glow sticks and jewelry can be enticing to dogs but can also be harmful if chewed. Ensure they are kept out of reach.

8. EXTRA EXERCISE: Give your dog some additional exercise earlier in the day to help them relax during the evening's festivities. Playing fetch with a WUNDERBALL is perfect for this.

9. LEASH UP TONIGHT: If you take your dog for a nighttime stroll or some trick or treating, ensure they're on a brightly colored WACKYwalk’r no pull leash and wearing reflective gear to enhance their visibility.

10. SOCIALIZE SMARTLY: If you're hosting a Halloween gathering, be mindful of your dog's comfort level around unfamiliar or costumed guests and provide a safe retreat space for your pup if needed.