About Us

WACKYwalk’r - A New Leash On Life 


We here at WACKYwalk’r like to refer to our products as a comfortable adjustment to everyday dog-walking experiences.  We are proud to product what consider to be the best No Pull Dog Leash available today.  The WACKYwalk'r contains patented anti-pull technology that instantly reduces your dogs pulling power by 50%.

Simple Concept:  Dog Pulls…WACKYwalk’r Stretches - You Stop and let the leash do the work.  

Natural Resistance Gently Corrects Pulling issues and provides Revolutionary Results with even the most stuborn dogs.

All of our products are made from Rubber Tubing that has been reinforced with a nylon safety line to ensure you dog is always safe.  The Rubber on our leashes naturally deters chewing and helps correct this behavior however the products do have Nylon handles and Safety Handles which are heavy duty but not chew proof.  Products shouldn't be left with unattended dogs.    


The WACKYwalk’r Family of Products


Our Longest Leash the WACKYwalk’r stretches to 6 feet.   

Secondary “Traffic” handle offers COMPLETE control


Our URBAN is shorter than the WALK’r

Stretches to 3 feet

Secondary “Traffic” handle offers COMPLETE control


The X’Tension is a welcome relief to those with the retractable leash fever.  A little bit of stretch goes a long way to keep you pooch from being jerked around


The Slipp’r is the newest member to our family of innovative products.  Designed to be used for those that take their pups to the park, or just a nice addition to your hiking equipment… provides an easy on & off feature. 


The Stubb’r is the Husky in this pack of products.  Designed for the bigger dogs with lots of strength Again stretches 2 times its length to 20 inches.


- All of our products stretch twice the original length and are reinforced with a safety line. 

- The latex material deters chewing. 

- Developed as a solutions product, our unique patented invention provides a gentle  correction when stretched.

- All Products come in 3 simple size for dogs all dogs weighing 1 - 200 lbs except the Stubb'r which is only available one size for dogs up to 200 lbs


Tired of being jerked around?  WACKYwalk’r is the solution…Guaranteed!