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WACKYwalk’r - How we created A Better Dog Leash

Making Tails Wag since 2004

WACKYwalk'r came to life serendipitously in a local shoe store while I searched for a new pair of work boots to fend off the cold of a blustery winter day.

As I walked toward the exit with new boots in hand, a display of ladies summer flip-flops caught my peripheral vision, drawing my attention to a tiny piece of rubber positioned to run between the first two toes and keep the shoe attached.  

Strangely, the needs of women to “flip flop” and dogs to be walked coalesced in my mind.  As the roommate of three adorable and rambunctious canines, a little “stretch” made a lot of sense, particularly for dog walkers with sensitive shoulders.  Why not introduce more flexibility to the necessity of constraining your best friends?

With drooling excitement, I found the manufacturer of the stretchable material.  Unfortunately, the first prototype allowed my four-legged friends to walk freely for what seemed to be the length of a football field - not good!

The second prototype, with an internal line to limit elasticity, was much better.  
Stop Your Dog From Pulling On Leash Forever

Nine prototypes later, we had found the perfect balance between restraint and shoulder stress.  The WACKYwalk’r has won numerous awards for design and functionality both domestically and internationally.  Our products offer solutions to everyday common dog walking behavioral problems.

Made in North America, we proudly offer you the same wonderful, stress free walking experience endorsed by chiropractors, veterinarians and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of pet owners around the world.

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