Outrageous Dog Walking Accessories to Take Your Walk to the Next Level

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Is there anything better than a W-A-L-K? Four out of five dogs surveyed said no (the fifth was asleep). If you’ve been around the block, you probably know that there’s a whole world out there beyond the nylon leash with a plastic bag tied to it. But where to begin?
Never fear. We’ve rounded up some truly cool dog walking accessories—from high tech (GPS collars) to low tech (doodie duty)—that help you get the job done in style.

The Wacky Walk’r


$24.99-$29.99 at gowacky.us

The Wacky Walk’r reduces arm and shoulder strain, while gently correcting dogs who might be a little over-eager on their walks. It “gently encourages” dogs to stop pulling on the leash with the leash’s patented Anti-Pull Technology. This rubber tubing leash claims to reduce the pulling power of even the most squirrel-motivated dog by 50%.

DOOG Walkie Belt



$29.99 at doogusa.com

This slick utility belt holds everything a dog walker needs and then some. It has a clip for your dog’s leash, a Velcro patch to hold a tennis ball, even a pouch full of antibacterial wipes. Buy it as part of a DOOG kitand you even get a foldable water bowl to throw in it. The belt claims to be “much more stylish than a fanny pack,” but fanny packs are back in style. So really there are lots of ways to carry poop bags and still be fashionable, which is what carrying poop bags is all about at the end of the day.

Faux Leather Bag Dispenser



$7.99 on Amazon

There are lots of bag dispensers out there for you to choose from, but what can compare to the rich, supple feel of pleather? Real talk, this is a nice, subtle option if you find the typical plastic fire hydrant- or bone-shaped dispensers too obnoxious/humiliating.

Or, if you and your dog have a taste for the finer things, you can buy this artisan, genuine leather bag dispenser, which looks like a tiny rucksack for poop bags. Also, you get “30 ‘MacBucks’ when you purchase,” and if that doesn’t pique your curiosity I don’t know what will.

Pet Waste Pickup Tool



$11.99 on Amazon

If the idea of having only a bio-degradable bag between you and a poo makes you squirm, you’re not alone. Consider the claw.



It requires a little more maneuvering and is a bit more cumbersome, but it does prevent you from feeling the exact temperature of a dog turd.

The auggiedog



$129.99 at auggiedog.com

Speaking of cumbersome, check out the auggiedog, the “Power Stool Tool.” It’s not subtle, but it is a nice option for those who have difficulty bending over, or who don’t like rummaging around in the dirt/grass/wherever your dog chose to leave a “present.”

Check out the video for some hot takes on how people really feel* when you use a bag to pick up dog poop!

*No one has ever reacted to anything like this in real life.






$18.00 at Turdlebag.com

If carrying a large electronic poo vacuum isn’t for you, what will you do with that stinky bag once the deed is done? The Turdlebag provides a tidy way to carry dog poop bags when a waste receptacle isn’t immediately available.

We’re in luck, because they also made a hilarious video. It offers Turdlebag as the solution to the not-very-real problem of when you accidentally get dog poop on your friend’s shirt after hugging them.

Kyon Pet Tracker



$219 on Kickstarter

This is the latest in dog wearables. The Kyon collar boasts the ability to not only track your dog using the built-in GPS, but also monitor their vitals to tell you when s/he is sick, overheated, or in danger. The collar also works with the smartphone app to “pacify” your pooch in the face of anxiety (or another dog). Plus, it just looks cool in the way those LED belt buckles never could.

The Woofer



$100-$120 at thewoofer.com

Turn every walk into a party, and every party into an even better party, with this dog jacket that has speakers on it. Just imagine: you and your dog roll out in matching jackets, feeling fresh, strolling down the street to “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton. Or your dog wears The Woofer to the park and you sacrifice your phone or music player for the instant comedy created by him running around off leash to “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

By Carla Sparks