"The Ball Bounced Round The World" - WUNDERBALL is the best fetch ball for dogs of any size

From the Great Wall of China to Great Falls Montana and everywhere in between, the WUNDERBALL is taking the dog world by storm as the word continues to spread about this best selling fetch toy. The WUNDERBALL floats, has a wacky bouncing action, and is virtually indestructible. Made by hand from Natural Rubber this unique fetch ball actually helps clean your dogs teeth whenever they pick it up.  Check out this recent video airing in Slovakia and don't forget to stock up now for the Summer.

Like to play rough? No worries, the WUNDERBALL is tougher than tough. This dog ball is made to last a LONG time and will withstand the harshest weather from the heat of the Sahara desert to the frozen tundra of Sibera.  See what all the other dogs have been barking about.