Training you dog (or puppy) to stop pulling can be easy and painless

All WACKYwalk'r No Pull Leashes are made in North America and utilize patented Anti-Pull Technology to instantly reduce your dog's pulling power by more than 50%  With these leashes it is actually easy to train your dog to stop pulling on leash quickly and painlessly.  WACKYwalk'r No Pull Leashes are just as effective for training puppies as they are for correcting bad habits in older dogs.  Train your dog to stop pulling without frustration.  Make your dog walk more comfortable for you and your pup today. 

When using our patented No Pull Leashes and your dog starts to pull just follow these simple instructions.

1. Hold Your Ground and Let the Dog Pull

2. Let the Leash do the Work and reduce your Dogs Pulling Power naturally

3. Leash Provides Gentle Correction Pulling your Dog Back...continue your walk.

4. Stop getting jerked around! Significantly reduces the stress on your shoulder and your pup.

Stop Dog Pulling on Leash - Less Stress on your Arm and Shoulder No Pull Dog Leash

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