Which Dog Leash is Best for Running & Jogging with your Dog?

The Best No Pull Dog Leash for Running and Walking - Customer Reviews

For those of you who are runners, joggers, and into fitness walking out there - we recognize your passion to keep fit & healthy.  There are lots of products designed for running with your dog out there that can make your run or jog safer, less stressful, and more enjoyable for both of you.  One of the top rated leashes for running, jogging and fitness walking is The WACKYwalk'r No Pull Dog Leash.  Patented Anti-Pull technology enables this amazing dog leash to reduce your dogs pulling power by 50% or more instantly.  

Our consistently high customer reviews speak for themselves, this No Pull Dog Leash makes training your dog to run with you easier, safer, and more fun than traditional or retractable leashes.  

Best Dog Leash For Running, Jogging and Fitness Walking - Less Stress on your Arm, Shoulder, and your Dog.

WACKYwalk'r products are made from exercise tubing and offer a little stretch which means less jerk on your arm and shoulder and a more gentle run for both you and your dog.  The unique stretching action provides a gentle correction designed to encourage your dog to stop pulling on leash during your run and it's guaranteed to eliminate the 'Jerk' of a normal leash.  
Running with your dog is becoming more popular, it's great exercise for both you and your dog, and a tired dog is usually a well-behaved dog. The WACKYwalk'r just feels right when you run.  Available in lots of bright colors this highly visible dog leash is easy to see for motorists and other pedestrians which will keep you safer while you are running or walking.  

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