WUNDERBALL - Alternative to Tennis Ball - Better Fetch Toy as Featured by iHeartDogs.com

Posted by Scott Haiduc

13th Dec 2016

WUNDERBALL - Alternative to Tennis Ball - Better Fetch Toy as Featured by iHeartDogs.com

The Crazy Looking, Safer Alternative to a Tennis Ball That Dogs Are Going Nuts Over

by Scott Haiducon November 18, 2016

Fetch! Go get it! Bring it back! If you have a dog, you’ve exclaimed one or all of these phrases at some point. Dogs love to play, and we love our dogs. So it’s only natural that we want to interact with and exercise our pups as often as we can. I’ve always been a fan of tennis balls. They bounce. They roll. And my dogs seem to like them.
But if your dogs are like mine, you’ve been witness to the canine carnage that marks the untimely end to the tennis ball. Does this photo look familiar?

It looks like a canine crime scene. But there are only so many options…a tennis ball or a “dog toy” that looks a lot like, and pretty much is, a tennis ball. Well, that’s what I used to think. Until now.
Meet my…sorry Scout and Sandy (my doggies)…OUR new favorite toy – WUNDERBALL! At first glance, it actually looks like a tennis ball, but that all changes once you get a closer look. The Wunderball is handmade from 100% natural rubber. And unlike a smooth, perfectly round tennis ball, its rough shape and texture causes the ball to bounce erratically, which dogs love. The uneven surfaces even encourage self-play.

Project Play Gives a Toy to a Shelter for every one you buy

Unlike tennis balls, Wunderball doesn’t have any glued on fuzzy felt, which can be bad for dog’s teeth and even more dangerous if ingested. Because of the way the ball is made, the Wunderball is actually good for your dog’s teeth. Each time your pup chews or bites the ball, their teeth sink into the ball helping to remove dental debris.

If that weren’t enough, the Wunderball is bright orange for increased visibility. The Wunderball even floats, so for all those water dogs, this ball will make a huge splash.
As part of our commitment to dogs everywhere, iHeartDogs will even donate a Wunderball to a shelter dog for every ball purchased. So take heart knowing that while your fur baby is playing with the Wunderball, because of your purchase, there’s a shelter dog somewhere playing with the same ball. What can we say? That’s just the way we roll…or bounce!

Learn more about the Wunderball & Project Play Here.

Featured image source: certified su via Flickr

Written by Scott Haiduc

Thank You to iHeartDogs for featuring our top rated dog toy the WUNDERBALL and for including WACKYwallk'r in this incredible project that has already changed the lives of several dogs and the families that have adopted them.