Wacky Walk'r Dog Leash Saves on Doctor Bill

Wacky Walk'r Dog Leash Saves On Doctor Bill

February 22nd, 2010 - Posted by Leigh Morrisett


Wacky does not even come close to explaining this clever dog accessory. Wacky walk'r is an absolutely ingenious leash design which makes dog walking easy and fun.

Have you ever taken your dog for a walk — when all of a sudden something catches her one of her senses? Before you know it, she yanks the leash so hard you're certain your elbow has been dislocated? With the Wacky walk'r, your elbow, knees and back are safe. Your pup will no longer jerk you as she investigates the world during your walks.


Wacky walk'r Dog Leash

What is a Wacky walk'r? It is a dog leash that contains a band of rubber which acts like a shock absorber should your dog pull or jerk the leash.  The ingenious leash is constructed to work with the dog  not against them. This concept allows the dog can to stretch the leash out with out jerking you along.


Wacky walk'r comes in two different stretch types. The original Wacky walk'r leash is 3ft long but stretches to 6ft.  This stretch length is ideal for neighborhood or park walks where dogs have plenty of room to roam.

For urban areas where you and your dog need to be a bit closer, the Urban walk'r gives you tighter control.  At 1.5ft with a stretch length of 3ft, the Urban walk'r still give your dog flexibility in a tighter area.  Both style of dog leashes come in sizes to accommodate your pet.

They, also, offer a product called the Crazy Coupler which allows you to connect two similarly sizes pets together on one leash.

There is nothing wacky about this dog leash … it is a clever and practical dog accessory that makes both the dog lover and the dog happy. As their  moto goes "we won't jerk your chain" and now neither will your dog.