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The solution for Dogs that pull on leash.  This is our Best Rated No Pull Leash and it's guaranteed to provide you with a more comfortable walk and Less Stress on your Arm and Shoulder.  Our Best Leash for Running with your Dog.    

• Longest No Pull Leash  (4.5 ft. long stretches to 7.5 ft.)
• Less Stress on your Shoulder and Arm
• Corrects common dog walking behavioral problems
• Leash Reduces dogs pulling power by 50%
• Revolutionary Leash helps train your dog NOT to pull 
• Natural Rubber Latex deters dogs chewing on leash
• Much safer than retractable leashes 
• Secondary "Traffic" handle offers COMPLETE control
• A more comfortable walk on BOTH ends of the leash
• Available in 3 Simple Sizes for all Dogs 1lb – 200lbs





Reviews (76)

Helene May Weingarten 27th Dec 2017

Best Leash

This is the third Wacky Walker leash I have had for my dog. And not because they have not lasted. My dog is ten years old and when she was a puppy she pulled like crazy. So that is when I got the first leash. Now I just get tired of the color so i buy her a new one. I don't know why anyone would want any other type of leash. This is strong and durable and comes in a nice assortment of colors. You can count on the leash lasting a long time. She no longer pulls but I like that there is some give to the leash. And she is under my full control.

Stan Jaros 19th Dec 2017

Great leash

Have two Boykin Spaniels, well one (male) is a Boykin/Springer mix. Male is about 65 lbs and the female about 35 lbs. We walk them at the same time on the same leash. We have a splitter that allows two dogs linked to one leash. The female is the puller, always trying to hold her back as she will literally pull the big guy along. Have tried several leash combos, but have to say this one is the best. With a regular leash she will pull until she actually gags. With the Wackywalk'r it applies just enough pressure that she'l ease up. Makes walking much more enjoyable.

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