Best Leash for Water Dogs? "Salt" Likes the Floating Leash - WACKYwalk'r

Our friends Eliza and her 11 month old swimming companion "Salt" recently took First Place in Novice and 3rd place in the Finals at Dock Dogs K9 Karnival in Hinsdale Massachusetts.  Their leash of choice?  You guessed it The WACKYwalk'r!  We were so happy to see her and "Salt" sporting a WACKYwalk'r - we decided to send her a brand new one along with our new WUNDERball that might be Salts' new favorite water toy. They float, and even help with tarter.  Its a great event - coming to a town near you!  Check em out and go have fun!  

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If you're looking for Dog Leashes that Float to use with your dog when swimming, boating, or playing in the water check out Floating Dog Leash to Use in the Water.  Our Original Top Rated No Pull Leash floats in the Water and so does the Shorter Urban, they are the perfect Dog Leash for the Beach, Boat, or Pool. 

Best Floating Leash for Dogs is WACKYwalk'r - Made in North America