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This lead is designed for the big girls & boys!  One Size Only - Large for Dogs 60-200 lbs. Still stretches two times its length, this hunk of stretch is designed to really keep them close at hand…really close.  Rottie, Dane, Pit Bull owners and the like, swear by this husky handler!






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Susan 7th May 2020

Love the our new gowacky leash!

I have a 1 year old Newfypoo. He is 90 lbs. I’ve always successfully trained my dogs to loose leash walk using a gentle leader with a five foot leash.. I was not having success with Gibson, He sn’t awful, but he still pulls and is very strong. I saw your ad and thought I had nothing to lose. I used it the first day I got it. I saw immediate results! There were attempts at pulling but no where near the intensity from the other leash! We have walked 4 times with the new gowacky leash and I absolutely live it and highly recommend it.....especially for that price.

Carol 29th Sep 2019

No pull short walker

I love these leads. I have two Aussies girls and I feel secure walking them together even when the younger one gets a little anxious when we walk by properties that have dogs that will come to their fence and bark. I like the shorter lead as I don't like to have them out in front of me or more like them thinking they are in charge and I am just the human there are pulling around the block :) Also, Flo at WackyWalker is great she helped me out and was very nice. Flo at Wackwalker is GREAT!! Very helpful and very nice.

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