Dangers of using a Retractable Dog Leash - Know the Risks

Posted by WACKYwalk'r

21st Oct 2016

Dangers of using a Retractable Dog Leash - Know the Risks

Retractable dog leashes are one of the most popular dog walking products among dog owners. Most retractable leashes are thin cords that retract into a plastic handle and are controlled with a trigger. They are appealing because they can give your dog a longer leash when needed or reel your dog in when the situation calls for a shorter leash and more control. The Real Truth about retractable leashes though is that retractable leads are extremely dangerous for both you and your dog and using them is unsafe and potentially harmful for your dog and you.  There are Many Alternatives to Retractable Leashes Available Today.  

Retractable Leashes are Dangerous Because:

The leash is often a thin cord or strap with sharp edge

The retractable cord is attached to a strong spring-loaded mechanism in the handle

The leash extends often up to 25’ or more 

Stop Using A Retractable Leash Today

While a long retractable leash seems appealing the dangers it can present far outweigh the benefit of letting your pooch run a little further ahead. With many retractable leashes your dog will have the opportunity to run into places or situations that could result in serious injury or even death for your dog or others. Common injury scenarios involving retractable leashes include:  
Retractable Dog Leash Injuries are serious but can be avoided with a Better Dog LeashGetting tangled in a retractable leash - This is no joke and can be a serious problem for both dogs, dog owners, and bystanders. When two dogs greet each other on leash they often play for a moment but on a retractable leash that can quickly lead to the leash getting wrapped around a person or dog…because most retractable leashes are thin cords when wrapped around something it can easily cause burns, cuts, and even result in amputation of fingers or small limbs. Children are prone to getting caught in retractable leashes as well or are often injured (and scared) as a dog runs by brushing the leash against their leg causing a severe “leash burn.”
Losing control of dog - Because of the length of your retractable leash your dog may run unexpectedly and could reach the street or could charge up to other people and dogs before you reign him in. It is also much harder to control your dog on a retractable when walking in crowded areas like street fairs, urban environments, and paths frequented by runners, bikers, roller bladers, etc.
Dropping the Leash - Retractable leashes usually have a big plastic handle that is heavy and easy to drop. When dropped the noise is loud and often will scare your dog causing them to run. Also when dropped the leash will retract which means your dog is going to hit by this giant plastic handle that is suddenly flying towards them. It can be traumatic for many dogs and should be avoided.
The Jerk - No, not that guy across the street, this is what happens when your dog gets to the end of the retractable leash or when you have to pull the trigger and “put on the brakes.” When your dog hits the end of the leash the stop is sudden and all the impact is absorbed by the dogs neck and your arm and shoulder. This can result in serious neck, throat or spine injuries to your dog and painful Shoulder and Arm injuries to you. Because the leash is long your dog has a chance to get running full speed and when they hit the end the impact will be severe and could easily pull you off your feet or even break the thin retractable leash leaving your dog running free.
If you do ever suffer a broken leash or collar with a retractable it can be dangerous because the leash will retract suddenly bringing the broken piece and end of the leash flying back at you suddenly which can cause multiple injuries to your hand, arms, and face.
We know many people use retractable leashes and we understand their surface appeal but please at least educate yourself about the dangers of retractable dog leashes in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you are looking for a simple, fun, and safe alternative to a retractable dog leash the WACKYwalk’r is available in many styles, sizes, and colors for everyone.  All Dog Leashes included patented technology guaranteed to reduce your dogs pulling power instantly and lessen the jerk / stress on your arm and shoulder when you dog pulls.  

If you do the research and you still have to use a retractable leash our personal experience has been that the wider the strap on the leash the less unsafe it is for you and your pet.  It is our opinion that ALL retractable leashes with thin cords should not be used because of the heightened risk of serious injury.  

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